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3 strategies for multiplying your honeymoon income

Maldives, Thailand, Bali, New York, Mexico... Sound familiar? Exactly, they are some of the most popular destinations for honeymooners. How many of them has your agency sold this year? You may have already lost count, as they are classics that never go out of style. They are very welcome sales, but are you really making the most of these types of trips?

Honeymoons are one of the niches in the tourism sector that offer agencies the most possibilities to monetize them from the very beginning, but not all of them manage to take advantage of this circumstance. The margin of action in these trips is perhaps somewhat limited, since clients have very clear ideas about what destination they want (those who have dreamed all their lives of going to Bali are not going to change it in the blink of an eye for a safari to Kenya, even if your commercial strategy is excellent), so the turning point to expand your business margin is to improve your services and customer service throughout the whole process.

It is clear that nowadays we work with an informed traveler with very clear ideas: if he is not convinced by your proposal for a trip to the Maldives, he will immediately go to the next agency, where he will also get a suitcase for free. But your client doesn't want a suitcase, he wants to make the most special trip of his life, and you can provide it.

To triple your profits selling these products, don't miss the three strategies that we will explain so you can offer the best service to your clients with the maximum profit for you.

#1 Win with the first impression.
will make a client want to buy your itinerary to Bali and not your competitor's? It is possible that you both work with the same operator in the destination and that the prices are very similar. How do you differentiate yourself? Win positions by offering an impeccable first impression: your proposal speaks about you, and clients want the agency's offer to live up to their dreams. Using MOGU's itinerary builder, you can offer a truly dreamy proposal that will help you convert more and better: use our image bank to make it highly visual, include all the details in just a few minutes, offer different price categories, include a step-by-step itinerary map, and simply type in the name of hotels and restaurants to automatically load their Google company profile information. Want more? If you sell 30 New York-Mexico package tours each season, keep it in your travel library so you can customize it every time with minimal effort.

This is what your proposals will look like

#2 Payment facilities.
trips usually present a medium-high bill, which can make many clients think twice before saying yes... to your agency. Don't lose these business opportunities by not being able to offer customized payment facilities and design your own personalized payment plan: in each proposal made with MOGU you can integrate not only a payment link, but you can configure the charges as you see fit or as you agree with the client, both in amounts and dates: a deposit and two payments every two months; or five monthly payments; or perhaps 50% as a deposit and the rest deferred in bimonthly payments. MOGU's tool offers you total freedom when it comes to charging your customers: you decide how you want to organize it so that all proposals end up in sales and financing is no longer a problem.

Provides a customized payment plan

#3 Use the app to continue accompanying them during their honeymoon.
say that every wedding leads to another wedding... well, we could say that every trip with MOGU leads to another sale! One of the most useful functionalities that MOGU has is its mobile app: offer it to newlyweds as an additional service to their honeymoon trip and discover all that the app can offer: for clients it is a way to contact both the agency and their guide at destination, so that they can request additional services through the private chat. The agency in turn can charge for these services by sending payment links through the same app that are immediately credited to the credit card. Monetizing the destination has never been so easy!

A honeymoon is also a special moment, where travelers relax and allow themselves small and well-deserved extras to celebrate their wedding. Remember to use the Explore section of the app here to include a link to your preferred affiliate page and be able to recommend those additional services that would not otherwise go into your account, as the convenience of having all the information on excursions and extras just one click away in your reference app is a source of confidence and comfort for the client.

Use the app to enhance the destination experience

‍Extratip: encourage recommendations.
the app your clients will feel more supported and will value the work of your company more highly, since the role of the agency does not end when the plane takes off for the dream trip, but remains actively present, offering help throughout the entire stay. This proactive and continuous role will increase the satisfaction with your agency, clearly differentiating you from the competition, and with it you will have gained a well-deserved positive recommendation as well as the loyalty of two new customers.

‍Learn aboutthe full potential of MOGU.
you want to know what else MOGU can offer you for your honeymoon trips, but also for the rest of your travel catalog, schedule a demo with us and we will tell you all the advantages of using MOGU.