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Make it easy for the customer to pay you and you will sell more.

MOGU is a technological solution for travel agents to digitise the relationship with their clients in order to save time, sell more and increase retention.

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payment links

Create customized payment links

MOGU will allow you to add additional questions to the payment link in order to identify the sales. In addition, you can customize them with your logo and corporate colors.

Add an expiration date to the link
Link specific questions to payment
Share the QR to facilitate the sale
MOGU functionalities related to collection management

payment plans

Offers a payment schedule, without complications

The travel agent may divide the total amount of a trip into different installments and MOGU will automatically charge the customer at each due date.

MOGU functionalities related to collection management


What they think of us

We sell school trips and MOGU has allowed us to simplify all the management of payments between schools - parents - students. We have collected more than 100,000 with them already. It is very easy to use. We highly recommend it.
Nubra Agency
Retail agency
For my management group, I have Redsis configured as a virtual POS and it works well but with Mogu the commissions are much better and it allows me to link the payments to the proposal. I get to close the sale sooner!
Rota Travel
Retail agency
The application was useful for communication and charging for activities at the destination. The guide would send the notification to the travelers and everyone from your phone would pay. We could see everything in real time. This is the future of travel.
Travel for All
Wholesale agency

Price packages

Are there multiple prices? submit all your packages

It offers several price options (hotel categories or cabin types in the case of cruises) and specifies the number of places offered. For each booking the system will be discounted.

MOGU functionalities related to collection management

payment technology

The travel-tech solution for your payments

With MOGU you will have a tool specialized in the tourism industry, with all kinds of facilities: ability to operate globally, charge all types of cards, competitive commissions, simple processes.

Payment from the App for optional activities

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Three steps away from charging for your trips


Connect your payment provider

MOGU has integration with more than 30 payment providers for all currencies and countries. Connect the one you use or create an account.

Configure your payment policy

The agency may decide whether it wants to pass on the payment commission to its client or absorb it. In this case, it will be settled after 15 days.

Start charging for your trips

With this, the agency will be able to draw up payment schedules, independent links, charge extras and, above all, have control over the reservations.

Frequently asked questions

We solve the most frequently asked questions related to payments

What payment options does MOGU offer?

MOGU has a native integration with Stripe to be able to charge in more than 135 currencies to any customer in the world and also offers the agency the possibility to connect its own payment terminal (via Redsys connection).

How long does the configuration take?

Very little! You will simply need to create an account and complete the business verification form. Depending on whether you are self-employed or a company, you will be asked for different information. Generally it is usually tax information, contact information and the number of the bank card where you receive the funds. The verification period is usually very fast (less than 1 hour). If you connect your terminal the process is even faster. You would only have to add your credentials.

How long will it take for the funds to arrive?

If you use the Stripe payment gateway, it can vary between 2-4 days depending on the type of payment. On the other hand, if you use your own terminal, the time is adapted to the conditions that the agency has agreed with your bank (usually 1 day).

What is the difference to using Stripe directly?

Stripe is a general payment tool and what MOGU does, through its integration, is to adapt it to the specific needs of the travel agent. That is, to be able to create payment schedules for the customer, personalized receipts and above all, to link the payment buttons to the quotes to automate the conversion.

Does it work for all countries?

MOGU is available for 47 countries, which means that all countries listed here will be able to create payment links and accept payments from anywhere in the worldAustralia Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Croatia Cyprus Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Gibraltar Greece Hong Kong Hungary India BETA VERSION Ireland Italy Japan Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Malta Malta Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Romania Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States

Are you missing a country? Contact us so we can work on that integration.