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Manage your events without stress and surprise your customers.

MOGU is a technological solution for travel agents to digitise the relationship with their clients in order to save time, sell more and increase retention.

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The MOGU Application for Travel Agencies
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We know how long it takes to prepare an attractive commercial proposal, the website of an event, manage registrations, attendees' needs, documentation, etc. That's why we have created MOGU, so you can take your incentive travel to another level. In this video we tell you how!

block builder

Create event proposals in minutes

MOGU's block builder is designed to create presentations easily and quickly by simply dragging the content.

Win them over with the first impression
Increase your sales and conversion rate
Build customer loyalty organically
MOGU functionalities related to collection management


Key tools for your incentive travel

The proposal builder allows the agency to automatically upload information on all types of services. For example, by simply entering the name of the hotel, photos, contact details, reviews, which, if necessary, can be hidden, are uploaded.

Itineraries and proposals in the Implementation of MOGU

Single forms are fine, but there is nothing like having everything centralized in one place. That's why with MOGU you will be able to add your registration form to the event's website and offer the best experience to your user. In addition, everything will be updated in an excel file that you can share with your customer.

The agency will be able to add optional activities in the presentation for attendees to book at their convenience. This functionality not only improves the service, but also saves time for the travel agent and above all allows him to increase his sales.

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use cases

Templates for all types of cases

Thus, your proposals could be seen, from a quotation to a company, the registration website of a corporate event or a convention open to the public.


The MICE App to manage the entire event

Case of using MOGU on a family trip
App Home
Case of use of MOGU in groups
Case of using MOGU on safari
Case of using MOGU on safari
Group chat
Case of using MOGU on safari
Case of using MOGU on safari
Photo Album
Case of using MOGU on safari
Case of using MOGU on safari


What they think of us

The proposal builder has saved me a lot of time! My client confirms faster and I get paid sooner, which is the important thing. There are only 2 of us for now and with MOGU I have managed to close more groups without increasing work.
Tuca Tula
Retail agency
The fact that the customer can pay directly from the commercial proposal is fantastic. Very convenient. It makes it very easy for us to manage. Also, the best thing about mogu is their support, they are always ready to help.
Morocco Tourism
Incoming Agency
The application was useful for communication and charging for activities at the destination. The guide sent the notification to the travelers and everyone paid from your phone. We could see everything in real time. This is the future of travel.
Travel for All
Wholesale agency

video MICE

Summary of everything in 9 minutes

At MOGU we attach great importance to the support and accompaniment of our customers, so there are always informative videos to get the most out of the tool.


The best content for your incentive travel


Frequently asked questions

We solve the most frequent doubts related to commercial proposals.

Can I customize the proposals with my client's brand?

Yes, the proposals are designed so that they can be adapted to each client's brand. To do this, you will have to go to the presentation settings and add the client's logo. If it is a recurring client you can also create a template with that specific branding.

Can I save the information for reuse?

Yes, of course! The tool has an internal library to not only centralize all your content but also to recycle it when you need it. This way, every time you are preparing a quotation you can load the saved information, such as the list of hotels in Madrid, the suggested restaurants, etc.

What are the advantages of presenting travel in this way?

The travel builder offers a multitude of benefits for the agency, both operationally and commercially. It not only saves time thanks to the block builder, the automatic search engine or the content library, but also improves teamwork since the entire agency will work with centralized content and under the same design. In addition, it favors agency differentiation and most importantly, conversion. All focused on selling more and faster.

How do I deliver the commercial proposal to the customer?

The platform generates a link for each proposal, as if it were a personalized web page for each client. This link can be shared by any means, from email, WhatsApp or even social networks. In addition, it can also be exported in PDF.