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The ultimate tool to manage your school trips

MOGU is a technological solution for travel agents to digitise the relationship with their clients in order to save time, sell more and increase retention.

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The MOGU Application for Travel Agencies
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Adapted to all types of travel

MOGU's versatility allows the travel agent to use the tool for everything from language immersion to sports travel.

adapted to all types of travel
sports camps
end-of-year trips
school coexistence

block builder

Amaze schools with a professional online presentation

MOGU's block builder is designed to create presentations easily and quickly by simply dragging the content.

Improve your brand presence
Digitize reservation management
Win over parents and build parent loyalty
MOGU functionalities related to collection management


All necessary tools

Group your products on the same website to share personalized catalogs with all schools / customers. This way, you will improve your presentation and above all, you will speed up the sales process.

travel catalogs

The tool allows you to manage the payment process, from package selection to optional services. In turn, parents can add the necessary information, such as allergies, date of birth, ID number, etc.


You will be able to add in the presentation of the trip the guides / monitors in charge, and invite them to be part of the App to communicate with the students at all times.

We know how time consuming it is to make changes to a website. Don't worry, with MOGU you will be able to integrate everything in a very simple way in your page, just by adding an HTML tag. If you have any doubts, we will guide you every step of the way ;)

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block builder

Manage registrations and payments without stress

Easily create enrollment forms to collect student information and manage payments without hassle.

Synchronization with excel sheet
Invites the school to consult the status of reservations.
Automatic collection with payment schedules
MOGU functionalities related to collection management


The most complete travel app

Case of using MOGU on a family trip
App Home
Case of use of MOGU in groups
Case of using MOGU on safari
Case of using MOGU on safari
Photo album
Case of using MOGU on safari
Parental Notification
Case of using MOGU on safari
List of notifications
Case of using MOGU on safari
Presentation of monitors
Case of using MOGU on safari
Meeting point
Case of using MOGU on safari
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video tutorial

Complete management of your school trips

In this video we summarize the main functionalities for school trips: commercial proposal builder, payment manager and above all, the mobile application for parents, monitors and students. Everything to digitize your agency, position it and increase sales.


What they think of us

The proposal builder has saved me a lot of time! My client confirms faster and I get paid sooner, which is the important thing. There are only 2 of us for now and with MOGU I have managed to close more groups without increasing work.
Tuca Tula
Retail agency
The fact that the customer can pay directly from the commercial proposal is fantastic. Very convenient. It makes it very easy for us to manage. Also, the best thing about mogu is their support, they are always ready to help.
Morocco Tourism
Incoming Agency
The application was useful for communication and charging for activities at the destination. The guide sent the notification to the travelers and everyone paid from your phone. We could see everything in real time. This is the future of travel.
Travel for All
Wholesale agency


The best content for your school trips

Frequently asked questions

We solve the most frequent doubts related to commercial proposals.

What are the advantages of presenting travel in this way?

The trip builder offers a multitude of benefits for the agency, both operationally and commercially. It not only saves time thanks to the itinerary builder by blocks, the automatic search engine or the content library, but also improves teamwork since the entire agency will work with centralized content and under the same design. In addition, it favors the differentiation of the agency and most importantly, the conversion. All focused on selling more and faster.

How do I deliver the commercial proposal to the customer?

The platform generates a link for each proposal, as if it were a personalized web page for each client. This link can be shared by any means, from email, WhatsApp or even social networks. In addition, it can also be exported in PDF.

What are the ways to customize it with my brand?

The proposals are designed so that they can be adapted as much as possible to your agency's brand, being able to decide what is shown and what is not, add the logo you want, change the presentation colors and you can also add your own domain so that your brand is always the protagonist. If you are interested in taking care of the branding and positioning of your agency, the Premium plan is designed for you.  

Can I recycle content?

Yes, of course! The tool has an internal library to not only centralize all your content but to recycle it when you need it. This way, you can always drag any itinerary from your library easily, without having to copy and paste the information. In any case, you can always duplicate any proposal to reuse it as many times as you need.