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At last, a simple budget creator

The trip builder is very intuitive to use. Just drag and drop the blocks you want to add to the quote: hotels, price, summary of services included, contact details, etc. Voila! Work finished in minutes.

Template cruise + flight, hotel selection
Template for uploading wholesaler content
Travel inspiration templates for all types of travel
simple proposal creator


Take your agency's brand to another level

All the content you create can be customized with the corporate colors of your agency and your personalized domain. This way, for the client, your brand will always be the protagonist.

Dominance and colors in your proposal

We all know how complicated it is to make any changes to a website. So now you can integrate your trips quickly and easily. Just paste the code of each trip in an HTML tag and you're done. Any changes will be updated automatically.

Web integration

With MOGU you can not only streamline your checkout process but you can also offer your customer a payment interface that is completely customized to your brand. These details help

Charge with your branding

Differentiate your agency by offering customers the accompanying App, from which they can consult their itinerary, have their travel documents grouped together, receive reminders and much more!

Companion App

web connection

Integrate travel into your website and simplify your life

All the trips you compose in Mogu, you will be able to integrate them in your website in a very simple way. Configure how you want it to look, and copy and paste the code into an HTML tag on your page. This way, you will fill your website with content in minutes and it will always be up to date.

integrate travel into your website
integrate travel into your website

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use cases

Examples of proposals

This is what your trips could look like. For example, a honeymoon trip to Costa Rica, a cruise, a tour of Europe or even a family safari in Kenya.

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of presenting travel in this way?

The trip builder offers a multitude of benefits for the agency, both operationally and commercially. It not only saves time thanks to the itinerary builder by blocks, the automatic search engine or the content library, but also improves teamwork since the entire agency will work with centralized content and under the same design. In addition, it favors the differentiation of the agency and most importantly, the conversion. All focused on selling more and faster.

How do I deliver the commercial proposal to the customer?

The platform generates a link for each proposal, as if it were a personalized web page for each client. This link can be shared by any means, from email, WhatsApp or even social networks. In addition, it can also be exported in PDF.

What are the ways to customize it with my brand?

The proposals are designed so that they can be adapted as much as possible to your agency's brand, being able to decide what is shown and what is not, add the logo you want, change the presentation colors and you can also add your own domain so that your brand is always the protagonist. If you are interested in taking care of the branding and positioning of your agency, the Premium plan is designed for you.  

Can I recycle content?

Yes, of course! The tool has an internal library to not only centralize all your content but to recycle it when you need it. This way, you can always drag any itinerary from your library easily, without having to copy and paste the information. In any case, you can always duplicate any proposal to reuse it as many times as you need.