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MOGU allows you to add tags to classify your content as you wish. By filtering by these tags you can save it as a folder to consult it whenever you want.

You will never miss an itinerary again
The entire team will have access to travel
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Everything organized in your bookstore

Now, you will be able to have all your trips organized and import the itineraries you need every time you have to make a custom quote. This not only saves you time, but also improves teamwork for your entire agency.

Through the catalogs you will be able to group, in a personalized way, in the same website the trips you are interested in promoting (your summer operation, your latest vacancies, etc.). You will be able to spread it through RRSS, your email, your WhatsApp, wherever you want!

All your extra services can be stored in your library to be recycled whenever you and your colleagues need them. This way, you will reduce to the maximum the time it takes you to compose a proposal.

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use cases

Examples of catalogs

Check out three possible applications of the catalogs: the grouping of trips to Asia, the last places for small groups or the 3 destination proposals offered to a bride and groom for their honeymoon.


Ideas for making the most of travel catalogs

Frequently asked questions

We solve the most frequent doubts related to commercial proposals.

How do I deliver the commercial proposal to the customer?

The platform generates a link for each proposal, as if it were a personalized web page for each client. This link can be shared by any means, from email, WhatsApp or even social networks. In addition, it can also be exported in PDF.

What are the ways to customize it with my brand?

The proposals are designed so that they can be adapted as much as possible to the brand of the agency, being able to decide what is shown and what is not, adding the logo, changing the presentation colors and hosting the websites on the domain of the agency in question. These last two customization features belong to the Premium Plan.

Can I recycle content?

Yes! First of all, you can always duplicate any proposal you have created and edit the relevant changes. Secondly, you also have an internal content manager so that any itinerary you create can be saved and reused as many times as you need.