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Increase your profits in your incentive events (MICE)

If your agency works regularly organizing congresses, incentives and events, it will not surprise you to know that, although they tend to be jobs with a relatively high average fee, it is also a type of service that does not lend itself so much to the sale of optional services to attendees. The work environment and intensive schedules, as well as the already determined destination mean that organizers stick to what is strictly necessary without offering scope for additional services. This leaves attendees with little room for improvising personal activities or contracting particular services since they have no direct communication channels with the agency.

However, at MOGU we are clear that MICE do offer very good opportunities to continue marketing the event beyond what was initially budgeted: you just have to have the opportunity to offer additional services in the presentation of the trip: the extra night, the optional activity for free time, the superior hotel category, etc.

Also, an important note: usually the company does not offer those services to the employees or guests of the event because of the extra management involved, but if the agency takes care of them they don't mind offering more facilities; in the end it improves the experience of all parties involved. Therefore, here MOGU has the perfect tool!

‍Discoverthe extras
the proposals created in MOGU have the option to add fully customized extras: configure your offers to enhance the destination experience of travelers and include them in the itineraries. You are sure to have many alternatives to offer travelers, whether they are leisure or services to make their stay more comfortable, and they will thank you for making them accessible through their itinerary.

Just add them in the Pricing section of your MOGU itinerary creator and attendees will be able to see and select them as they need them. They will be able to pay for them conveniently by credit card. You can also indicate that they can be sold from the proposal or from the application so that attendees can hire the optional services they want from their mobile. Simple and practical!

‍Communicatewith attendees
MOGU mobile app also offers agencies a unique opportunity to communicate with attendees immediately: either through chat or different types of notifications you can establish a direct channel to offer them services at the destination, or they themselves can request them from you. Take advantage of this to offer them your help in booking transfers, extra nights at the hotel or even small excursions, or link to your website in the Explore section and continue selling from there.

This direct communication channel gives you access to congress guests that did not exist until now. If some attendees decide to extend their trip and do some sightseeing, they will not hesitate to contact your agency through the app to ask for a quote and availability. Who will be able to give them a better price at the hotel for a few extra nights than the one who negotiated the group rate? Or who will change their flight or train for a later date? Well, the agency that issued your tickets.

Once the extras have been booked, you only need to upload the corresponding vouchers to the app so that the customer will always have them available. You will be impressed with this exclusive service!

And if you want to know more about how MOGU can become a key ally for your MICE organization, we recommend you to take a look at our article What does your software need for incentive travel?

you want to know how MOGU can help you to organize your MICE in an unforgettable way, schedule a demo with us and we will show you how you can advance your services as an agency.