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Take your itinerary to the next level: integrate your interactive map

Traveling is one of life's greatest pleasures: from the moment you decide your destination until you set out on your return home, every decision, every planning is a dream come true. One of the most magical moments is to unfold a map in front of your eyes and visualize every corner to discover, the route to travel, the little piece of the world to unveil.

As agencies, when selling a trip this magic does not have to disappear: in addition to presenting a complete proposal, with photos and details of the destination that our client will fall in love with from the beginning, why not include a piece of that dream by adding a map to our travel proposals?

It is no secret that maps in proposals are a powerful lure: if you prepare a proposal that includes a map, it is very likely that this sale will require half the number of email exchanges to convert. Is this a profitable investment? Let's analyze the main difficulties that integrating maps in our proposals can pose on a day-to-day basis.

Difficulty#1: I don't know how to do it
technological barrier can be very big. We see a link prepared and integrated in a proposal and we think that our capacity and technical knowledge are not up to the task of laying out something like that. But have we investigated what is the real degree of difficulty of integrating the maps? Or do we just imagine it?

Difficulty#2: I don't have time
Implementing new systems and work methods always requires an investment of our time, but we must analyze whether the result, compared to the investment of time and effort, will be profitable. Are you going to improve your sales? Is your agency's brand going to be strengthened? Will you better build customer loyalty?

‍Look fordifferentiation
the field of honeymoon travel the market is made up of jack, horse and king: 90% of agencies market the same trips, to the same destinations, with the same hotels and the same excursions. Do you sell Bali, Maldives, Vietnam and Mexico? How many agencies around you sell exactly the same thing? Being different is extremely complicated in a market so saturated with commodities, but one thing is very clear: you will never stand out if you sell the same thing as your competitors and, above all, if you sell it in the same way.

This is where maps come into play: mark the distance with your competitors (and learn how to convert your sales faster) by including maps in your proposals, and turn them into winners. By doing so you will create a great initial impact on your clients, because you will be helping them to visualize what they were looking for: the trip of their dreams.

By the way, if you want to know more about getting more out of honeymoons don't miss this other post of our blog with interesting ideas on this topic.

‍Takeit to the next level: interactive maps
you still present your proposals in Word or PDF you can always include in them a still image of your map: you will be helping your clients to locate themselves at their destination, but they will not have at their disposal the whole range of interaction possibilities that technology offers them. This option does not present the initial difficulties we mentioned (I don't know how to do it and I don't have the time), since it is doing the same as always (possibly your competitors are already doing it too) adding a still image of a map.

If, instead, you already use an online itinerary builder like the one offered by MOGU, you can make a qualitative leap and offer your agency's clients a complete and interactive view of their itinerary: starting from Google maps you can customize the itinerary, including as many stops as you need, adding a color code and even marking the area to visit. Your travelers will be able to add their own notes, as well as follow the course of their trip day by day thanks to the versatility offered by technology. You can, for example, offer a view of the route of the flight included in the itinerary between two cities, or generate a view that includes the tour between different destinations following the order of the planned stops. There are infinite combinations that will make your proposals more lively, more complete and, above all, invite you to dream from the very first moment.

As for your initial fears, we assure you that they are totally unfounded: to use MOGU you don't need to have any special technical knowledge, since its use is extremely simple and will not take up your time: you will be able to prepare your new proposals in just a few minutes! And we assure you that the result will not leave your customers indifferent. In addition, the MOGU team is always at your side to help you and answer all your questions.

‍We help you integrate your maps
has recently added this functionality to those already offered in its itinerary builder. If you want to try for yourself how your own maps would look like in your travel proposals, schedule a demo with us and we will show you.