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Neuroscience to sell more travel

I'll explain it in 28 seconds:

1. 49% of the brain is dedicated to the visual.
2. The visual part of the brain matures until the age of 40!
3. Key reactions occur within the first 30 to 50 milliseconds after entering a website.
4. The brain is lazy.
5. We read only 20% of the text on a website.

‍I'll detail it in 2 minutes:

MOGU we rely on the main studies of Neuroscience and Neurodesign applied to the web.

Let's see, does this sound a bit pretentious? Yes, but the reality is that we use it in its right measure to know 3 or 4 essential details of what you should put on your website for a customer to buy from you and not from someone else.

The customer must grasp the purpose of the site instantly and understand what action to take.

‍Clean, simple and comfortable designs make you sell more.

brain is lazy and decides more with System 1: fast, emotional, automatic than with System 2: slow, rational, etc. So if you want to sell more, don't make it difficult for System 1.

In addition, the Johns Hopkins University in its study `Brainanatomy and how the brain works' and the journal 'The Journal of Neuroscience' led by Kathryn Murphy, a neuroscientist in the Department of Neuroscience and Behavior at McMaster University, have shown that the idea that sensory areas develop in childhood and then are static is not correct. They develop and evolve until the age of 40.

How does this affect you? Neuroscience is being applied more and more to e-commerce, to sell on the Internet and to know how to sell according to the age range of your final customer . For example, for people over 40 years old, the colors must be balanced using a dominant color 60% of the time, 30% secondary and the highlighted 10%. That 10% is the life or death for you to sell your trip.

brain looks for information on a website in an F-pattern (or E-pattern). The customer looks at the top and reads to the right and, almost without reading, looks down. He looks for a button or a command.

And here is MOGU. Researching where to put every button and every image to make them buy more from you.

short, based on these studies we have almost 24% more conversion for our clients during the month of March and this has only just begun.

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