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MOGU boosts the sale of extras in vacation rentals

One of the unfinished business in vacation rental by real estate agencies is the monetization of the trip at the destination: in most cases, when renting a property for their vacation, whether for a short or long stay, the client contacts your agency, gets information and, if everything goes well, closes the transaction and pays for the property offered in the catalog. There is usually no further interaction between the agency and the client, unless there is a problem with the property that requires express communication. The agency, therefore, carries out a single transaction with the client, and does not usually extend its sales ticket in this type of business.

However, the field of holiday homes and their management by professional real estate agencies undoubtedly offers a lot of scope for marketing services, and we want to help you discover and enhance it.

MOGU, the software for the digitization of the tourism sector designed for both professionals and the end customer, offers you a mobile App for accompanying guests that will help you improve your customer service, as well as contribute to increasing your sales, since through it you can offer a wide variety of services at the destination that your agency can monetize directly.

If your real estate agency has already started in vacation rentals, you will know that it is a sector that, although it offers very clear benefits, can also be complicated when it comes to expanding your range of services and entering the purely tourist field, a path where real estate agencies have less experience: do you spend a lot of time negotiating with suppliers in different fields? Would you like to get into car rental, but you don't know where to start? Do the suppliers treat you like a travel agency and the communication doesn't flow?

It is possible that you have already started to explore this line of business, since it is something that your client has been demanding more and more from you once he has closed the vacation rental with you and expects from you an integral attention. Perhaps you have joined the sale of optional activities offered by platforms such as Civitatis, since you find it an interesting intermediary that does not force you to dive fully into the tasks of a travel agency, always with the aim of improving the service to your customers. But you really have the opportunity to sell many more services that also bring a very powerful added value to your commercial proposal: MOGU offers you the opportunity, once you create an account, to activate in your mobile App a window created specifically for the sale of additional services to the end customer.

This App is created to accompany your guests and offer them a personalized and more professional attention during their stay in your holiday home, since in it you can have the necessary documentation for the rental, as well as the data of the property. But now you can also take advantage of MOGU and Travel Compositor technology to add to the App this cross-selling window where the customer can access offers and services specifically created for their vacation destination: car rental, excursions, sports activities, gastronomic events, airport transfers, etc. This last mile booking engine offers your real estate agency important benefits:

- Increase your sales: increase the average ticket of each vacation rental in a very simple way in an area that until now did not lend itself to increase the monetization of the destination, also offering your customers a very personalized assistance and support service.

- Immediate implementation: the App has more than 40 suppliers connected so that the entire commercial negotiation process is simplified. This work is already done by us so that the commercialization process is as fast and comfortable as possible.

- Product catalog in all languages: the system presents all its content in the language of the guest's device so that the user experience is unbeatable.

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