An example of a travel assessment survey

What does your incentive travel software need?

If your agency is dedicated to the MICE sector, you will know from your own experience that this is an area that requires very thorough planning: months of work concentrated in just two or three days where your agency has a lot at stake. Small mistakes are easy to spot, as the intensity of these events means that there is not much room for improvisation.

However, this format also offers a space for a job well done to shine brightly, providing an ideal opportunity to offer additional services that make the event stand out. This plus that your agency can offer allows you, precisely in an environment like the MICE, to reach a large number of potential clients with a professional profile who will be very interested in knowing the agency responsible for an extraordinary organization.

Technology offers us solutions to improve our workflows and streamline processes, so you may be considering using some software to help you facilitate your MICE work. If you want to know what are the main features that could help you make a difference in the organization of events, conferences or incentives, read on and discover the keys that MOGU offers you.

‍Facilitatesthe management
of the most cumbersome moments for any attendee at a congress is to control the entire flow of documentation and information. What time is the welcome reception? Do you have the vouchers for the hotel? Do you remember who was the speaker on the second day? With MOGU we solve all these inconveniences thanks to our mobile app: upload the complete program of the event, and update it when necessary without the need for further email exchanges: each user will always have the latest version in the app. In addition, you can upload the travel documentation to each attendee so that they always have it available in the app (both online and offline).

a registration form to ask attendees for all the necessary information (travel information, allergies, presentations they are attending... they can even choose which menu they prefer!) and collect it in a very simple way: you can connect the form with your Google account to have all the answers collected in a single spreadsheet that will be updated automatically. You can share this Excel document with your client so that he/she knows the status of the registrations at all times.

‍Additionalservices(whether work or leisure)
event leaves a small margin for some time off, which many attendees take advantage of to get to know the city better. For these cases you can offer them additional activities through the mobile app: recommend an excursion to a nearby town, or a guided visit to that monument in the city that they can't miss, or a local wine tasting organized by your agency. You will be offering them an extra that they can book easily, and pay directly through the app. It has never been so easy to organize the short leisure time available at a congress!

If, on the other hand, some attendees prefer to use that free afternoon to close a meeting outside the event, you can always facilitate the management through the app: a transfer, a reservation at a restaurant where they can meet, or even an additional reservation of hotel nights to extend their stay. Take advantage of the communication channel offered by the app to monetize the event and offer a personalized and high-level service.

the event has started, it is very positive that contacts flow, and here the app plays a fundamental role: attendees can be in direct contact with each other through the app's group chat, so that networking actions, so important in this area, continue once the official program is over.

In addition, in the app attendees have a gallery where they can upload photos and videos of the congress, thus helping to create a community among participants.

‍Maximizescommunication with clients
, can clients only talk to each other with the app? Not at all! They will have a direct line to the agency, either privately or through the group chat, so you won't miss anything that's going on and know that everything is going smoothly.

As an agency, you can also use notifications to make sure attendees don't miss out on any relevant information: use alert notifications to report last-minute changes to the agenda; send rating notifications to find out first-hand and in real time what guests think of the hotel or the food, for example; or you can also send notifications with a location to confirm the meeting point. With notifications you make sure the information flows!

‍Weinvite you to get to know MOGU
you want to know how MOGU can help you organize your MICE in an unforgettable way, schedule a demo with us and we will show you how you can advance your services as an agency.