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Three simple ideas for integrating MOGU into your website

If you already know MOGU you know that we are your trusted software to help you digitize your travel agency in three main areas: creation of commercial proposals, management of payment links and a mobile app to accompany and assist your travelers. Today we are going to focus on getting the most out of your travel proposals, offering you tips for online marketing.

Through our itinerary creator you have the possibility to easily and visually layout travel proposals for all use cases: vacation, MICE, honeymoons, school... In just a few steps you can send your customers very attractive and informative itineraries, and 100% digital.

When marketing your proposals online, a basic tool in your marketing strategy is always your own website: it is the best virtual showcase where you can display your entire travel offer and proposals. But, how to integrate the proposals made in MOGU within your website?

offer you three ideas that you can put into practice in a very simple way so that your proposals and all the material you generate in the MOGU platform can be integrated into your website to reach a greater number of potential customers and achieve a wide distribution of your products.

‍#1 Integrate catalogs
offers you the option to create catalogs, where you can gather in a single link thematic or personalized proposals for the customer to choose: for example, you can create a travel catalog for honeymoons, or collect several proposals for incentive destinations. This way you offer a more personalized service to your customer and present it visually through a simple web link.

You can now integrate these catalogs directly into your own website by inserting the individual link that is created for each catalog. This way, anyone looking for a specific travel theme (honeymoons, school trips, cruises, islands...) will be able to find your offers intuitively and quickly. This will help you to create thematic or personalized blocks within your web proposals, improving their presentation. For example, here we have a catalog of offers for a summer in Asia, and within each of the proposals there is a form to capture the lead ;) Everything ready to sell more and faster!

#2 Integrate the proposal widget
may already have an elaborate website and want to embed the trip in question, instead of adding the link to the catalog. In that case, you also have the option of adding a widget on your website so that each proposal is perfectly integrated. This also saves you the web design work that you usually delegate to your IT person. We all know how complicated it can be to change the color or order of things.

To do this, simply click on "share" in the menu of the proposal. There you can select how you want the card to look: square, rectangular or vertical. All you have to do is copy the code that appears and paste it into your website over an HTML tag. Your proposal will be linked to your website, and the best thing is that, as everything in MOGU, it is completely dynamic: all the changes you make will be reflected in the link you have shared, so that the itinerary will always be 100% updated.

‍#3 Integrate the Google Analytics and Facebook pixel
a new feature, you can now integrate the Google Analytics and Facebook tracking pixel in each of your proposals. By doing so you have the possibility of obtaining all the information about who is interested in your trips, which are the most demanded, how long they visit them... in short, you get dynamic information permanently updated about the performance of each of your proposals, obtaining valuable commercial information about the interests of your customers that helps you to improve your sales actions.

This is as simple as accessing your MOGU account and adding your Google Analytics tracking number or your Facebook pixel (very useful if you are going to spread your proposals through this social network) and you will automatically see the activity metrics of your proposals.

‍Customizeyour website with MOGU
you are also a Premium customer, each of your proposals will be personalized to the maximum: besides adding your logo to each itinerary, they will be customized with your corporate colors for a better brand identification, and the domain you generate for each proposal will be personalized with your own URL.

you want to know how MOGU can help you to change the marketing of your proposals through your own website schedule a demo with us and we will show you how you can advance your services as an agency.