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Do you sell honeymoons? How to capture better leads from

If honeymoons are part of your catalog, you will undoubtedly know that one of the safest ways to reach a wide and interested audience is the use of thematic marketplaces where supply and demand meet. One of the most prominent platforms in the field of weddings where you can successfully advertise your honeymoon trips is with more than 200,000 companies of different categories advertised and presence in 15 world markets.
We are all aware that this portal offers a very powerful digital showcase, but we are also aware of the low conversion rate it provides. People who show interest in your honeymoon are usually sending the same message to 20 other agencies on average. And, furthermore, by the time we have replied with their tailor-made proposal, the client does not even open our email. This being the situation of many travel agents, we are going to give 3 tips on how to monetize the trendy marketplace among brides and grooms.

1. Impress with the first image

It must be taken into account that when engaged couples are looking for their wedding trip, they think of it as one more checklist among all those involved in organizing a wedding. Their search process usually takes place at the end of the process, when the bride has already found a dress, the bouquet of flowers, has selected the band that will play at the wedding ceremony, the prices of the open bar, etc. This implies that the couple usually arrives with a lot of accumulated stress from such an organization and they value very much when they are given a careful and comfortable service. Your presentation has to catch their attention, they have to keep the name of your agency. Surely the bride and groom have an excel where they can discard options at the click of a button and we don't want to be one of them.

Many agencies, every time they receive a prospect from they share a long form to request information where the client has to spend several long minutes filling in fields. This is not good, because it does not help the sale. Before making them work, we have to make them see that we have done it ourselves first. Now, here comes the crux of the matter: how do we generate that feeling if we don't have the necessary information to quote a trip? Let's see it in the next point!

Don't quote anything. Share your catalog.

The important thing to understand is that it is not necessary to quote yet. We are in the phase of maturing the lead, of capturing their attention. This implies that we should not start working until they confirm their interest because we would be neglecting other sales channels where prospects arrive much hotter.

In cases like these and especially for what we have seen that works best is to share an attractive catalog, portfolio with the destinations in which the agency specializes. The consequence of this is that your agency will be one of the first to respond and above all with something aesthetically pleasing. Now, you are probably thinking to yourself: "Sure, but I spend a lot of time creating a catalog of my products, this wouldn't work for me". Well, we knew you were going to need this last piece of advice.

3. Make it personalized, but without wasting time.

It is normal for you to waste time creating a catalog. You are not a designer, nor do you have a technical profile to juggle with your Word. You are something much, much better: a seller of travel, of experiences, of life. That's why you have to rely on tools that take away hours of work, so that you can dedicate them, instead, to what you do best: making the world known.

From MOGU we have thought about this, that's why we equip travel agents, especially those of honeymooners, with a travel builder with which to compose presentations in minutes. And not only that, these presentations can be grouped to create the catalogs we mentioned in the previous point.


Surely by now it seems to you that everything you've read makes a lot of sense but you don't know what it translates into or how to start putting it into practice. Here is a summary:

1. Think about the 3 destinations you sell the most.
2. Create a free account in mogu from here and prepare a simple description of those destinations with the information you probably already have on hand from other occasions.
3. Use the catalog function to group those three destinations in a website.
4. Share the URL of your catalog with the prospect that comes to you from In case you have some email marketing automation to offer them an automatic response, you could even incorporate the catalog link in that email template. You could say something like this:

"Hello John and Mary, a pleasure to greet you. I am [your name], from [agency name]. Thank you very much for showing interest in us. We have been making our bride and groom's trips unforgettable for more than [X years] and we are very happy to be part of yours too.

I have grouped in this catalog the most fashionable destinations. Take a look at it and let me know which one appeals to you so we can get to work on it.

PS: I am aware that you will be busy with the organization of the wedding. That's why I will make everything as easy and comfortable as possible, so you can enjoy the experience of organizing your honeymoon from now on. Best regards.

5. Wait for them to write to you with the destination that most appeals to them. With this, it is as simple as going to your bookstore, creating a duplicate of that trip, putting the bride and groom's name on it and making any necessary adjustments: extra nights, hotel categories, activities included, etc.