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Are you a real estate agency? We help you to improve the conversion of your vacation rental.

Summer is just around the corner, and more and more people are looking for a rental property to replace a hotel establishment when booking their vacation. The reasons can be varied: more competitive prices, greater comfort for families or large groups, or a wider selection of locations to choose from. In Spain there are more than 320,000 holiday homes, and the reactivation of world tourism means that in areas such as the Balearic or Canary Islands, Andalusia, Levante, Cantabria, Madrid or Barcelona these sometimes account for more than 4% of the total existing real estate stock.

This change of trend in the holiday sector has led many real estate agencies to expand their market and add to their offer of property sales the rental of these, either owned by the same agency or offering this management service to owners who can not take care of exploiting their second homes and prefer to outsource it to a professional.

If your real estate agency manages vacation rentals and you want to improve your performance by offering a quality proposal to your customers and differentiating yourself from the competition, in MOGU we offer you the keys to improve the conversion of your vacation catalog.

‍#1 Prepare attractive budgets
is no secret that the first impulse to buy comes through the eyes, and the case of vacation rental properties is no different: the customer is looking for a place to enjoy their vacation, special, charming... But often these dream destinations are presented to customers in formats that are not well cared for, without taking advantage of the potential of our homes, and this logically hinders our marketing of vacation rentals.

With the MOGU platform you can prepare very attractive commercial budgets, where information and design go hand in hand so that guests can see and choose their vacation destination having at their disposal all the information: photos, videos, map with the location, description of the property, rates, details of the area... All this directly designed by your team in a very simple and intuitive way to generate very attractive proposals that will get you to convert much more easily.

In addition, we help you to optimize your time: once you have created the property file in the platform, you only have to save it in your template library and you will always have it available: you can reuse it, make changes or send it as is to your clients. To share any of your offers with future guests, just send them a link. It couldn't be easier!

Also remember that each proposal will be themed with your agency's logo, so your business will always be completely identified with the service offered.

#2 Create your catalogs
your real estate agency is specialized in a specific area, or in a special type of property, why not create your own thematic catalogs? MOGU offers you the possibility to create online catalogs that you can share with your clients through a simple link. These catalogs will be 100% personalized and, like everything MOGU offers, completely flexible: a guest has asked you for 4 bedroom apartments on the Costa Brava less than 1 km from the beach? Or maybe they are looking for houses overlooking the beach in Comillas? Gather your best offers for them and model them in just a couple of minutes in a personalized catalog: you will be sure to be offering a service that will differentiate you from your competition.

#3 Offer extra services through the App
of the unfinished business in vacation rental is the monetization of the trip at destination: in most cases the client rents your property and there is usually no further interaction unless there is a problem with the property. This sector of the holiday market undoubtedly offers a lot of room for marketing services, and we want to help you to discover it: for this MOGU offers you a mobile App for guests that will help you to increase your sales, because through it you can not only improve the quality of your service, but also offer a variety of extras at destination that your agency can monetize directly.

Once the rental is confirmed, the customer downloads the App on his mobile through a QR code, and immediately the details of the property booked will appear along with the confirmed budget. In the App your agency can, for example, upload the necessary documentation for the rental: the contract, the guest file, practical information on the operation of the property... But, in addition, the App offers you a space where you can offer different personalized extra services focused on the holiday destination. This means of communication with the guests opens a new commercial field to expand your services, offering from facilitating the rental of a vehicle to local excursions. If you want to know more about how to get the most out of this App functionality click here.

Come and meet MOGU
is a software designed to help you in the digitization of the tourism sector by improving the presentation of commercial proposals, facilitating the collection of services through own payment links and offering an App to accompany your customers and make their experience with you a 10.

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