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Offer your bride and groom the management of the wedding

In MOGU we like to keep moving forward to improve the tool so that from your agency you can always offer the best service to your clients in the easiest and most comfortable way for you. That is why we have proposed to give a twist to the bridal market looking for the benefit of the agencies and the satisfaction of the bride and groom. Weddings are a powerful business niche, but we are also aware that it would be possible to offer the client a more personalized and advanced attention, while we get much more out of this product through the sale of additional services.

If you are familiar with MOGU you know that with our itinerary creator you can present fantastic proposals for honeymoon trips, and that the bride and groom can access all the information of their trip, as well as other services and advantages, through the mobile app (if you need more information, take a look at this post where we tell you more about this topic). In addition, we have the option of creating attractive thematic catalogs where we can gather our best proposals to present them to customers. But we have decided not to stop here, so we offer you three keys to see why it is worth knowing what MOGU offers you in this area:

‍#1 Differentiation. It is very possible that honeymoon trips are already among the itineraries you sell to your clients. If so, you will know that this product has a small handicap: it is extremely difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition if you only sell the trip, since the destinations, extras and associated gifts are always the same in all agencies. What we offer you is to add one more service: prepare for your bride and groom a website to manage their wedding.

‍Takeyour wedding event to another level
, besides using the MOGU itinerary creator to offer the bride and groom a spectacular wedding trip proposal, you can use it to layout a page where all the information of your wedding appears and that serves as a "wedding itinerary" for the bride, groom and guests. Thus, in addition to including, with photos of the bride and groom, the date and place of the wedding, you can show the addresses of interest (the church, the town hall or courthouse, the reception venue...) linked to Google maps with their exact schedule so that no one misses anything of the event. If, in addition, the bride and groom have hired a bus transfer service for the group, you can include here the schedules and the departure and destination points.

Offer additional services
weddings receive guests from out of town, so it is often necessary to facilitate travel or a hotel close to the event: take advantage of this to include your offer of hotel establishments so that it is possible to make a reservation directly from the itinerary. It is also possible that many guests may require a cab or personalized transfer service. Offer all those services that are within your reach.

You can also include the confirmation of attendance at the wedding: through a completely customizable form your clients will be able to know at all times who has confirmed, if there are any allergies for the banquet and who will attend alone or accompanied. This tool will help them coordinate and organize their day in a simple and automated way.

Tip: don't forget to include information of interest for those attending the wedding: upload the menu of the lunch or dinner, as well as the distribution of the tables with the attendees, or the program of the religious or civil celebration, as well as a list of the nearest hairdressers.

‍#2 Financing. With this wedding management website you will get paid first, obtaining immediate liquidity in the operation. How? From the proposal you can also manage the wedding list, supervised and decided by the bride and groom themselves: add to the list gifts such as different activities (a kite surfing class in the Maldives, balloon tour of Kilimanjaro, tickets to the Guggenheim Museum) or small packages that are part of the trip (two nights in a hotel in Puerto Vallarta, the internal flight to an island in Vietnam...) so that the guests collaborate not only by giving money, but with a specific good chosen by the bride and groom themselves and that they are sure to enjoy. Thus, you will be activating cross selling for all these services within the same web site at the same time as you improve your customer service.

#3 Loyalty. Offering this service to your bride and groom gives you great exposure, as all guests will have access to your work: it is a fantastic commercial showcase to showcase your additional and personalized services, and thus sell more honeymoons in the future. With such a well-organized link and all the information just a click away you will impress your clients and their guests, achieving a powerful commercial reach as well as an increase in sales related to the event.

Having all this information at hand will be tremendously valuable for the bride and groom, who will be able to relax and enjoy the preparations without having to worry about sending this practical information to their guests: they will simply have to share a link with them to offer them all the practical information of their big day. And, as always, with the utmost flexibility: react quickly to any changes requested and it will be immediately updated in the wedding itinerary.

Finally, don't forget that the layout of this wedding itinerary is as simple and intuitive as everything you do at MOGU: create your documents in just a few clicks and you will be sure to have loyal and satisfied customers with your service.

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