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II Traveltool Convention, a MICE event managed with MOGU app

In MOGU we like to be always up to date with all the news of the tourism sector with a very marked objective: to always offer our customers the most updated resources through the platform and the MOGU app that allow them to advance in the digitization of their business. Specifically, in recent months we have been working on a powerful development of the app so that it can also be an indispensable tool for the organization of conferences and incentive trips, thus opening another line of business: MOGU for MICE agencies.

It all came about when Travetool asked us to use the app to manage the interaction of its II Convention in PortAventura, held between 11 and 13 November. We valued the opportunity and saw that the tool could be easily adapted to this new use case, as it met the main needs of a congress:

- Access to the event agenda from the cell phone.

- Sending daily reminders (meeting rooms, meeting points, etc.)

- Internal chat for attendees to connect with each other.

- Sponsor visibility section.

- Group album to share photos of the event among everyone.

The main advantages offered by the MOGU app in the MICE vertical are the following:

- Ease of implementation:
no custom development is required. Simply create an account (1 minute), create an event (2 minutes), upload the program (2 minutes) and share the QR with all attendees so they can access the application.

- Efficient and professional communication channel: while for travel the WhatsApp group can be a timely solution for daily communications, for an event it is unfeasible. Mail does not fulfill the role either. That is why at MOGU we have created the notification system so that any notice, from a reminder to a rating survey, can arrive in the most professional way to the attendee's cell phone.

Facilities for the attendees: not only the guest has all the necessary aspects in his cell phone (programming, documents, notices), but he can also connect with the rest of the attendees and save them as "favorites" in his internal contacts folder in the event.

Privacy protection: each attendee can be part of the community, chatting in the group, sharing photos, without the need to show their personal data (number, email, etc.).

Branding: the entire event will be customized in the app with the organizer's brand image and corporate colors.

For MOGU it has been a very satisfying task, as it has allowed us to offer our product to the main sector agents, who have had the opportunity to check its usability and versatility from the customers' point of view. But, above all, we are very proud to have provided that added value as a digital tool to make the Traveltool convention a memorable one.

Congratulations to the entire Traveltool team for their excellent work at the helm of this convention, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to make MOGU available to your partner agencies in this outstanding national forum. This II Traveltool Agencies Convention has allowed us to support the sector by focusing on our main objective: the digitization and digital transformation of the tourism sector to continue helping agencies through technology.