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New! Discover the proposals by blocks

In MOGU we distinguish ourselves by aspiring to advance and improve our product, always taking into account the needs of travel agencies: speed, simplicity and the cost-productivity binomial. If you know our itinerary builder you will know that it is a very effective tool to which we have been adding improvements continuously.

Now we are ready to present the latest novelty that we have incorporated to the design of itineraries, and that responds to many of the suggestions we have been receiving from our customers: the layout by blocks.

This new functionality includes the main features that make our itinerary builder an essential element in the use of MOGU, but adding something very important: the absolute flexibility in the creation of your proposals.

If you are already a MOGU customer, congratulations: we know you are going to love this new feature, because we have prepared it with great care to make your designs and travel proposals even more attractive and easy to make.

If, on the other hand, you still do not know us in depth, this new block layout is a great way to get started in the MOGU universe and start benefiting from its advantages. Would you love to try it but you do not dare? We'll help you clear up your doubts:

‍Problem#1: Technology is not your agency's strong point. You may be thinking that your team is not technological enough to go around building websites and designing online itineraries. You're looking for something simple and that doesn't take up your energy, because you see it as too complex. Let us contradict you: MOGU is super simple to use already, but the new block layout makes it even easier. The biggest hassle it has is copying and pasting content and dragging blocks. It's that simple.

‍Problem#2: You don't have time. Work is piling up in your inbox, papers are piling up, and clients are nagging you about everything, so of all the months of the year, this would be the last one in which you would do any research and implement anything new in your agency. Or would it? In any company, when it comes to implementing new methodologies or work systems, there is always a moment of paralysis in which we ask ourselves if this is the right time, and if it would not be better to leave it for next month, or the next, or after the closing... We'll give you a spoiler: next month you won't find the time either. All improvements require a minimum investment of time and energy from your team, but we guarantee that the result will be worth it in a short period of time.

For example, once you create a recurring trip, the kind you sell frequently, you can save it in your custom templates and reuse and modify it whenever you want (updating dates, or a hotel, for example). Or you can use the new thematic templates we have created for you: an itinerary template for all types of trips where you only have to paste your own information. And the result, besides being ready in minutes, will impress your clients.

‍#3 The high costs of web updates. If your website is one of your sales channels and you use it regularly for customer acquisition or even online sales, you will know that either you have an IT guy in the office, or you have to pay a web development company to keep it up to date in content and image, and any minor change in your website can be quite expensive. With MOGU forget about these high costs: from 79 € per month you have available not only the new itinerary creator by blocks that will change the way you work, but also the mobile app to accompany the traveler at destination and online payments that are the hallmark of MOGU. And you will not only be able to integrate each of your proposals into your website yourself with a simple step, but also create a web page for each travel proposal for your clients.

If you are still not convinced, here is a practical example to show you how to use the new block proposals: your clients have asked you for a Machu Pichu trip, and your incoming agent at the destination gives you the itinerary in a very boring PDF, with a zero attractive layout and that, in addition, includes its own brand. How do we market it? Take a look at this video to see it step by step:

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