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More integrated than ever: benefits for your agency of the partnership between MOGU and Travel Compositor

MOGU is a comprehensive solution for travel agencies that adapts to all use cases: you can create irresistible proposals, charge directly from them and offer your travelers an app that will continue to accompany them during their trip.

Now we also offer you an additional way to use MOGU directly through your wholesale operator: if your agency uses Travel Compositor technology, congratulations! Thanks to our integration with Travel Compositor (which we already told you about a few months ago), any booking you make on your operator's engine using TravelC technology generates a direct access to MO, the app that brings together MOGU and Travel Compositor technologies (if you want to know exactly which operators we work with, take a look at this list).

Sounds great, but what exactly does this mean for your day-to-day operations?

The integration of both technologies provides you with two very valuable tools for your relationship with your customer:

‍#1 Backoffice platform. If you enter the booking platform of your wholesaler with your profile you will notice that your agency has in the left menu a direct access to the backoffice of the Mo app: here are available all the trips already booked in the operator's search engine, and within each of them you have very valuable information: the data of the travelers who booked it, the complete travel itinerary, the booking voucher, internal notes of the agency or what notifications your customer will receive in the application.

But, in addition, through the backoffice you can perform other functions, such as adding new documents for the client necessary for his trip: boarding passes, travel insurance... These documents will always be available through the mobile app (read on).

‍#2 Use of the mobile application. It is undoubtedly the main advantage that you have at your disposal thanks to the integration of Travel Compositor and MOGU, since through this app you offer your customers accompaniment at destination that will allow you to offer personalized attention while continuing to offer additional services to your customer, thus increasing your average sales ticket per trip.

For your customers to start using the app you simply have to share with them the voucher that is generated through the operator when they close a trip with your agency, since the access QR appears on it. Once they scan it with their cell phone, they will download the app. After creating an account, the trip in question will be opened. Everything is quick and easy.

In the app your end customer will have available several features that will make their travel experience much more satisfactory:

- Access to their complete travel itinerary.

- Access to travel documents: by default you will have the itinerary, but remember that through the backoffice you can add as many files as you need. And the most important thing is that the client will not depend on his internet connection to have them available: once downloaded the app allows access to documents both with and without internet connection.

- A support chat that will allow him to communicate directly with your agency. Forget about saving phone numbers in your personal WhatsApp: all messages will now be centralized through the app.

- Sending notifications. The client will receive four automated notifications in the app: welcome, practical information about the destination, a message with a call to action to hire services at the destination and a survey at the end of the trip. An immediate way to offer proximity and assistance.

As we have already mentioned, one of the advantages of the app is that it favors the sale of activities and services at the destination, since the customer always has access to the purchase of events related to his trip. Specifically, the customer has three different accesses in the app designed to encourage the purchase of these services:

- Within the trip program.

- In one of the notifications.

- In the main button of the app: "Add services to your trip".

These three buttons or CTAs link the app directly to the operator's cross selling, a powerful search engine that offers recommended activities or services directly linked to the main booking destination. So, if a customer has bought a flight, it will offer hotel offers at the destination, or car rental, or additional activities and excursions.

As you can see, with the MO app you not only have a powerful interaction tool with your customer that improves their satisfaction with the services of your agency, thus providing added value, but you can continue to increase sales at the destination, undoubtedly one of the pending issues of many travel agencies.

Additional tip: be sure to customize your image in the app, as you can make your logo appear on each trip. To do this, add your logo to your account within your operator's microsite and it will appear on your trips for your clients.

And best of all, the MO app is free for all agencies that already work with wholesale operators that use Travel Compositor technology. What are you waiting for to enjoy it?

If you love MO, wait until you discover the complete package that MOGU offers you with all its features: full profile customization, itinerary layout, payments in the app... All this and much more is waiting for you! Schedule a demo with us and don't let them tell you about it.