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MO is born, a collaboration between Mogu and Travel Compositor

MOGU brings an important innovation to the tourism sector for the summer: an alliance with Travel Compositor that will change the way you relate to the end customer throughout the entire sales and post-sales process.

Surely you already know the facilities offered by the MOGU app, as well as the power and expansion of Travel Compositor. This collaboration gave birth to MO, 'The Last Mile App', a new tool that combines the most powerful technology in the tourism sector with all the improved functionalities of MOGU Platform.

Travel Compositor, a leading technology company in the travel industry, and MOGU have teamed up so that travel agencies can enjoy the most complete and intuitive app. Not only will you sell more services, but you'll offer customers 360-degree support from the moment you submit a quote to the end of their trip.

Until now, travel agencies only captured a small slice of the pie, because as soon as the final customer took off to their destination, their sales were over: let's not forget that the traveller makes 60% of the expenditure associated with the destination, and these services are also the most profitable for travel agencies. MO allows you to establish a direct line of sales and communication with the customer: anticipate their needs on the ground with tailored offers, open a zero invasive chat channel or consult their opinion about your services are just some of the solutions offered by MO, 'The Last Mile App'.

What happens when a customer closes a trip with our agency? Unless they require some technical assistance on the services already contracted, the transaction is usually closed. Through MO, the client not only has all their travel documentation in an organised way, but can also book on the spot and pay through the app, thanks to the Travel Compositor technology, new services that they are looking for or that we proactively offer them according to their profile: rental cars, excursions, tours, transfers...

offers the final client a digitalised experience, with offline access to all documentation and direct communication that includes updated notifications (boarding gates, delays, cancellations...). But... are all the advantages for the customer? Not at all: your agency will increase its average ticket per booking with loyal and satisfied customers. Want more? Your team will also see the benefits of MO, 'The Last Mile App': real digitalisation of sales and after-sales procedures in an intuitive way; no programming knowledge; and a single channel of communication with the client.

This collaboration makes us all stronger, empowering the travel industry and automating, in a simple way for you and the end customer, the whole buying process. What are you waiting for to get to know MO?