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Do you want to be a MOGU partner?

Have you tried the MOGU platform and loved it? Or perhaps you've seen the app and find it a must-have travel add-on? Are you convinced it's a service that agencies should know about? If, in addition, you are looking to offer value to your partner agencies by connecting them with cutting-edge technology in the sector, then you have all the characteristics to become a MOGU partner!

If you are dedicated to the tourism sector, either through management, marketing, training or communication, and you have exposure to travel agencies, retail or wholesale agencies, we offer you the opportunity to share through these contacts information about the services that MOGU provides to the sector, contributing to a qualified dissemination of the product. Thus, not only would you add a source of income, but you would position yourself as an agent of the sector that bets on digital and that makes the difference with its value proposition.

Are you interested in our partners plan? Joining is very easy: just fill in the form available on this page and tell us in detail what kind of partner you are, what channels you would use to spread the word about MOGU and the approximate volume of agencies you work with. We will provide you with a tracking link that you will be able to disseminate among agencies and interested people. Remember that for each registration made through your personalized link you will receive a commission!

In MOGU we are convinced that we can provide a real solution to many of the problems of travel agencies in areas such as digitization and payment management, as well as in providing added value to customer service. Do you want to help us? Become a partner!